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Coastal Cat Clinic does on occasion have cats or kittens that may be needing homes. Being a hospital in an area with a lot of “stray” and “feral” cats, we have had to establish some strict guidelines as to which cats or kittens we will accept. Unfortunately, we can not advertise on our website cats and kittens that are available for adoption from other sources or rescue groups. The cats/kittens that we take into our hospital are those that are found sick, injured or orphaned (kittens less than 6 weeks old). It also depends upon space and funds available at the time. It is very emotional for us to not accept a cat needing a home but, we have to maintain our hospital as a priority. All of our adoptees have been tested for FeLV/FIV, vaccinated and spayed/neutered. We also require INDOOR only homes- since most of our adoptees got into their original state of need by being outdoors. Call us for more info.